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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Captain Anthony Adventure


Creator: Tom Johnson
The Adventurers
Cap Adventure
Harrison “Slim” Mosby (Shakespearean actor)
Samuel “Sam” Clements Tolliver (Chemist)
Terrance “Terry” Carter Moberry (Physicist)
Carl “Tip” Phillip Tipton (Paleontologist)
Roger Egan Gordon “Reg” (Physician)
Dora & Kelly (Twin sisters, acrobats and trapeze performers)
Comatose Rogers (Canadian land owner)
Beatrice Rogers Comatose Roger’s daughter)
John Clemens (Canadian mine contractor)
Tommy Two Heads (Crazy Indian guide)
Claude (Foreman of the Roger’s mines)
Timber LaGrange (huge lumber jack)
Sasquatch (?)

         Captain Anthony Adventure is a giant in height and weighs 270 pounds, but unless he was seen next to someone it was difficult to judge his height and weight, for he was a perfect specimen of manhood. His physic was not bulky, but highly toned and shaped.
         Harrison “Slim” Mosby was slender and wispy, and most probably the best Shakespearean actor the Great White Way had ever produced. He swung an ominous black sword cane as if bent on murder.
         Samuel “Sam” Clements Tolliver was five foot tall and weighed 260 pounds, but moved lightly on his feet like a trained boxer. He was a chemist of great note.
         Carl “Tip” Phillip Tipton is a world-renowned paleontologist, whose greatest joy in life is breaking panels out of oak doors with his massive fists.
         Roger Egan Gordon, better known as “Reg” to his friends, is a world famous physician.
         Terrance “Terry” Carter Moberry is a physicist by trade.
Dora & Kelly are twin sisters, and famous acrobats and aerialists on the high wire and trapeze. And like all the Adventurers, they are always ready to travel the world in search of adventure and excitement.
         There has only been one novelette so far.

“Terror In The North Country” (NTD) 2011 anthology.

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Scarlet Shroud


Creator: Chris & William Carney
Alexander Hold
Miles Hawkins
Takeshi Haradi
Hannah Salem
Lawrence Farley
Detective Lester Cheevers
Detective Mick Alphonse
Mrs. Baine
Lao Sun Shu-Hui

Alexander Holt is the Assistant D.A. He was certainly attractive. There was almost a predatory quality to him, a tall, slim figure, and a sense that a tiger lived beneath the dark tailored suit. His dark hair with the stray lock hanging across his strong forehead, the angular features and chiseled cheekbones, the strong chin and straight nose. Beneath the dark suit you could tell he was well built and muscular, with great strength in his shoulders and arms.
Holt rushed out of a side room, sliding a pair of .45 automatics into a fancy, two-gun shoulder holster. He’s switched out of the tux into a dark gray suit and long black coat. At his hip was slung another gun, an odd-looking art deco affair reminiscent of a Saturday Matinee serial. Next, he donned a wide-brimmed black hat. Sewn to the inside band was a red leather mask that completely concealed his face. Only his steely gray eyes remained visible. The Scarlet Shroud was ready for battle.
Takeshi Haradi is Holt’s houseman and chauffeur. A tall, whisper-thin Japanese anticipated Holt’s emergence from the club, the cop close to his heels. Dressed in a crisp gray uniform, the chauffeur opened the back door of Holt’s sleek Duesenberg as soon as his boss came out of the building. And … in the center of the warehouse, Takeshi had also changed into dark clothing and was climbing into the autogyro. The propeller blades began to whirl as he switched on the quietly humming engine.
Miles Hawkins didn’t cut an impressive figure. The hair beneath his cap was receding, and his rumpled tweed jacket hid a doughnut of flab growing around his belly. The bitter, vinegary smell of the chemicals he’d been working with clung to his clothes. The overall impression he left was brown: brown mustache, brown pants, and brown eyes. He looked like any of the haunted, unemployed laborers wandering Manhattan’s streets, but hidden beneath his broad forehead was a keen, brilliant mind. He was responsible for many of the gadgets The Scarlet Shroud used in his battle with the underworld.
Hannah Salem is a reporter of the New York Observer. The plucky, golden-haired reporter wore a stunning blue silk gown that hugged her luscious curves, and her hairdo must have taken hours. She doesn’t know the identity of The Scarlet Shroud, but often helps with important information she digs up in the newspaper files.
Hidden deep in the gloom of New York’s underworld Lao Sun Shu-Hui ruled Chinatown with an iron talon. As the sinister, spectral lord of drugs, gambling, smuggling and murder in the area, he was feared by the mobsters of Little Italy. The police had never been able to trace him, and the Italian and Irish gangs steered well clear of his fiefdom. Even other tongs like the Hip Sings and On Leong feared him. He operated in a world all his on, lurking in the deepest bowels of the mysterious enclave of Chinatown. The Scarlet Shroud has penetrated his hideouts several times when after information. If it is to the Chinaman’s favor, the information will be given, if not, then The Scarlet Shroud must escape the den and try another day.
Lawrence Farley is the D.A., and Holt’s boss.
Detective Lester Cheevers and Detective Mick Alphonse are the police officials usually on the cases that The Scarlet Shroud is also working.
Mrs. Bains is Holt’s maid, but only works a few days a week.
There have been four short stories and a novel published in the series so far. A shame, this one could become a good series if it continues.
“Dark Night of The Leaper”  (WCB 2007) Lost Sanctum $3.
“The Adventures of The Scarlet Shroud” (WCB 2010) Contains four short stories:
“Dark Night of The Leaper”
Bitter Night of The Dynamo”
“Day of The Vengeful Viper”
“An Evening of Reflection”
“Dagon’s Disciples”  (WCB 2011)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Simon Fogner


Creator: John Paul Cater
Characters - Villain
Simon Fogner
Matt Cross
Mica Briscoe
Captain Broward
Agent Linda Combs
Lt. Poole
Agent Doug Strong
Dr. Weiner
Delores Darcia
Agent Lashaun Gibbs

Simon Fogner:  He was the spitting image of a thinner Anthony Hopkins, and was a Nobel Laureate, nuclear physicist. He flinched and felt the nausea rip from his gut, forcing an uncontrollable ejection of yellow mucous to spew from his lips. The dosimeter clipped to his coat shrieked with ear-splitting volume, signaling a lethal accumulation of radiation. The absence of the protective coat exposed his arms, revealing large red-blistered splotches he once associated with severe sunburns, and flesh peeling off in delicate but profuse ribbons of pink skin. He knew his condition was not related to the Sun, but massive dosses of radiation. He rubbed his thinning arms, bursting the blisters to loosen more flesh and then, grimacing at the pain, pulled the tabs until they separated into long tendrils, membrane by translucent membrane. As each ribbon broke free from his inflamed skin, he licked the tab and, reached up, squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger, and added it to the ragtag collection of dead skin strips dangling from the overhead rafter.
            Dressed in a black hoodie sweatshirt pulled over his face, dark sunglasses, and a long black cane for support, he was the Grim Reaper. A weird laugh trailed behind him.
            Fogner had once been a respected nuclear scientist, but when advocating world warming, and receiving a lot of dirty money for his work, he miscalculated by one degree, and when that was discovered he became a laughing stock in the scientific community. Now he planned on getting back at the world by detonating two atomic bombs off the coast of California, eliminating L.A. in the process.
            Matt Cross and Mica Briscoe are ex Navy divers brought in to search for the bombs.
            Taskforce Adam: A team of agents and investigators are gathered to head the investigation. They are: Agent Linda Combs,, Lt. Poole, Agent Doug Stone, Dr. Weiner, Delores Garcia, and Agent Lashaun Gibbs.
            Captain Broward is the Navy Commander of the Trident Tine, responsible for finding the bombs.
            Mica Briscoe and Matt Ctoss are recurring characters in several novels by the author, but Simon Fogner’s only appearance was in one novel.

PI Day Doomsday by John P. Cater (2016) Independent Publishing Platform

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Captain Swashbuckle


Created by: Brian K. Lowe
Eric Reinhold
Katherine "Kate" Reinhold
Ted Kane
Damien Pierrot
T.J. "Professor Death" Gillis

Many heroes have used the deaths of loved ones to inspire their fight against crime. Eric Reinhold used his own.
         Growing up the children of a roving diplomat, Eric and his sister Kate learned about many cultures, and acquired an array of languages. When the Great War came, Eric volunteered to fight, even though he was too young to enlist. He met Ted Kane, Damien Pierrot, and T.J. Gillis, all underage volunteers themselves. Bound by their common secret, they formed a tight-knit team, broken apart only when Eric volunteered for the Army Air Corps, where he taunted the infamous Red Baron not only by his own daredevil flying, but by taking the name "Captain Swashbuckle." Immediately after the war, he disappeared for two years, a time he still does not like to discuss.
         The quartet met again in college, where they spent four years on the gridiron wearing the blue and gold uniforms of UCLA--and T.J. earned the mantle "Professor Death." Graduating, Ted joined the LAPD and became a detective, Damien a renowned chemist, and T.J. a brilliant geologist. Eric, abandoning his law studies, returned to the air as a stunt pilot.
         In 1932, with the Los Angeles Olympic Games only a few months away, a criminal conspiracy tried to terrorize the city with the Invisible Death, a weapon that killed men in broad daylight, breaking their necks as though they had been hanged. When Kate was mistakenly targeted by the gang, Eric and his buddies rescued her, and in the process placed themselves squarely in the sights of a plot to bring down not only the Games, but the entire United States. Tragically, Eric was shot during a gunfight with mobsters on a derelict ship and fell into the ocean. His body was not recovered.
         But Eric survived, and he infiltrated the gang so he could eradicate it from within. Once the conspiracy was destroyed and its leader unmasked, Eric realized that the power his anonymity gave him could be used as a weapon against those who would prey upon the weak. Aided by Kate, Ted, Damien, and T.J., Eric left behind his name and his very life to fight injustice wherever it might be found, each time assuming a new identity so secret that even his closest associates do not know behind which face he might be found.
         The first two books in the series, The Choking Rain and The Scent of Death, are available at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com. The third, Dr. Scar, is under construction.

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Wrath


Creator: Michael Howard
Jessica Silverton
Galen Slaughter
Joseph Berringer
Linwood Hewitt
Althea Hawkins
Jason Payne
Betty Kern

Jessica Silverton is a woman who lives for adventure. An expert shot, she can whip most men in hand-to-hand combat, is fears nothing. She has travelled the world and speaks many languages. Tall, beautiful, blonde, and athletic, she’s never met the man who is her equal – until now.
“The color of her hair is never the same shade of gold from one moment to the next. And her eyes are a true forest green, the way they change expression. One minute playful, the next coolly resolute.”
Galen Slaughter was an air ace in WWI, and has travelled the world, and speaks over seven languages. His muscular body holds tremendous strength, and his mind contains knowledge of the world. He is a partner in the Greater Gotham City Detective Agency.
Joseph Berringer is an ex-cop, Jewish, huge and tough. He’s in love with his beautiful secretary, Betty Kern, and is a partner in the Greater Gotham City Detective Agency.
Linwood Hewitt is the elderly head of the Trans-Global Detective Agency, and has power around the world. He is tired of the underworld rule, and wants to stop the gangs in New York for all time.
Betty Kern is the secretary for the Greater Gotham City Detective Agency. She also has secrets to hide. Tall, beautiful, and is in love with Joe Berrington, but will her past bring an end to their relationship?
Althea Hawkins is a black woman, maid and chauffeur, and constant companion of Jessica Silverton.
            Jason Payne is a black man who does some work for the Greater Gotham City Detective Agency.
            The Wrath: It was a tall, shadowy form, an oval of Argus glass covering the face shined from below the hood. The Wrath holstered the two silenced pistols but drew a third weapon from within the scarlet shroud. Once there had been another who wore the identity of The Wrath, but he had grown too old. Now someone new took up the cause. Someone young, tough, quick on the draw, and a straight shot.
            The Peacemaker: The other man stepped close enough to show he the taller of the two by half a head, and even through his dark topcoat it was clear there was a lean hardness to his frame the other lacked.
            “Peacemaker! The man gulped.
            R-1: She went by many names during WWI, but was a master spy. A master of disguise, she could become anyone she wished. But when the war was over, she was no longer needed. Until another requested her service.
            There has only been one novel so far, but more are planned.

Manhattan Masquerade by Michael Howard (2077) Independent Publishing Platform